Building a Strategy
To Grow, Move Forward, and Better Understand What a Company Needs To Succed in 2021

“Building a Strategy to Grow, Move Forward, and Better Understand What a Company Needs to Succeed in 2021” took place on January 28, 2021, and was focused on bringing insightful information to the audience so they can start 2021 off on the right foot!


The agenda was carefully designed to present 2 full presentations and a panel where seasoned leaders of our industry discussed relevant topics including technology, marketing, sales, e-commerce, and trends. The audience learned about strategies, perspectives, and innovative ideas to thrive their business and achieve great results in this new year.


Megan Conyers

Executive Vice President, Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc 

“Achieving Growth in a Post-Pandemic World: Strategies for logistics operations to thrive in 2021”

2020 presented logistics companies with many reasons to panic, as well as many opportunities to explore new markets and solidify existing relationships. In this presentation, we’ll look at four key areas logistics-related businesses can focus on in order to grow through the new year.

“Getting Started With Sales Enablement”

Getting marketing and sales to work together is never easy, but it’s imperative for long-term growth. In this session, we’ll talk about how to align marketing and sales around a shared set of goals, how to hold your teams accountable, and how to build an operations team that will carry your teams to success.


Kyle Jepson 

Inbound Sales Professor, HubSpot Academy 

What is sales enablement? Sales enablement is the iterative process of providing your business’s sales team with the resources they need to close more deals. These resources may include content, tools, knowledge, and information to effectively sell your product or service to customers. (Hubspot)


“A New Generation for Supply Chain and Transportation. New Opportunities, Technologies, and Paths To Succeed in 2021”

Zach Strickland

Director of Freight Market Intelligence


Guy Courtin

Head of Global Alliances

6 River Systems

Dan Hellmann

Strategic Sales Consultant – Subject Matter Expert


Federico Restrepo

Chief Executive Officer

GLT Logistics

Tony Sciarrotta

Executive Director

Reverse Logistics Association

Dos Flechas




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