It’s time to move your freight, and with it, many challenges can arise. So many variables, and yet, so little time...We know it’s all about efficiency and learning how to use the right tools to enhance your performance, increase job satisfaction, and ultimately improve business results.

Get yourself ready to learn and optimize your shipping costs, and operations so you can get ready to react to the fluctuating levels of demand, stop struggling to compete, and
be ready for what’s coming up next

In this session you will learn about

Strategies to implement and lower your transportation costs while navigating rising rates, capacity strains, and fuel surcharges.

The importance of leveraging insights from data to drive continuous improvement.

The role of KPIs to track performance over time and how it can impact shipping costs and profit.

Who’s Speaking?

Federico Restrepo

CEO and President
at GLT Logistics

Ricky Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer
at Hubtek


“Expert Tips to Optimize your Shipping Cost”

Fireside Chat

10:00 am- 11:00 am ET


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