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CubiQ is a company that creates innovative 3D dimensioning devices for the automated cubing of goods at the logistics chain.

Our products have delivered proven results that increase the logistics and transportation companies’ profitability by up to 15% and reduce labor costs by 80%.

Our portfolio of services is based on CubiQ One and CubiQ Line, which have OCR technology that allows them to digitize the information on the labels of the packages and reduce operation time. The CubiQ X measures extra-dimensional objects, and the CubiQ go and CubiQ go mini are modules of self-managed shipments that transcend the business use to end-users.

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CubiQ One: Obtains the volume of objects of any shape in 1 sec. With maximum measurements of 59in.

CubiQ X: Obtains the volume of over-dimensioned objects of any shape or size in less than 3 sec.

CubiQ Line: Dimensioning system with conveyor belts. It has the capacity to process between 3.000 – 4.000 packages per hour.

CubiQ go!: The best solution for the unattended receiving cargo.

  • Easy and fast, building trust in customers.
  • Measures, weighs, and charge payments and storage.

CubiQ go mini!: self-service shipping module. It allows you to receive the merchandise in an automatic and innovative way without a person monitoring the process.

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Simón Mejía

Commercial Director USA

+1 575-921-1075 I

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