The global breakdown forced the transportation and logistics industry to suddenly shift operations to fulfill the increased demand and consumer expectations.

Now, under immense industry pressure, there’s a constant need to keep up the pace with the latest technologies, new strategies, and innovative ideas to thrive and succeed.

Logistics Sessions 2022 will bring together thought leaders to explore the market, including the emerging technologies, and how companies are keeping the momentum to get more deals for their business.

In this session you will learn about

Logistics technology to maximize operational results.

Freight market forecast and deep analysis to drive your business forward.

LTL strategy to plan and boost efficiency and on-time performance.

Some of the biggest government regulations that will take effect in 2022.

Who’s Speaking?

Ken Adamo

Chief of Analytics
at DAT Freight & Analytics

Walter Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer
at TAI Software

Karl B. Manrodt, Ph.D.

Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
at Georgia College & State University

Ibrahiim Bayaan

Former Senior Economist
at UPS, FreightWaves and Industrial Economist at CBRE

Beth Rooney

Deputy Port Director
at The Port Authority of
New York & New Jersey

Tim Denoyer

Vice President and Senior Analyst
at ACT Research


“The Future of Logistics”

With the right information, we can make well-rounded and thoughtful decisions, let’s learn with Ken Adamo about his vision and forecasting about our industry.

Fireside Chat

Ken Adamo

DAT Freight & Analytics

“LTL Strategies to Succeed in 2022”

New challenges require new solutions. After 2 years of volatility, an increase in customer demands, and so many variables affecting normal operations, now is our time to address the most relevant challenges and assess how you can improve on-time deliveries to come up with new ideas, improve operational performance and build a resilient company.

Fireside Chat

Karl B. Manrodt

Georgia College & State University

“The 3 Main Challenges in Logistics and How to Overcome Them”

We need accurate data to formulate strategies, introduce new services, streamline operations, and make sure we’re providing what our customers are looking for. Let’s learn about what’s been happening in our industry for the last 24 months, where we’re headed, and what can we do to execute and keep providing a customer-centric operation.


Beth Rooney

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Ibrahiim Bayaan


Tim Denoyer

ACT Research

“Technology Trends to Accelerate Business Value”

After the pandemic outbreak we were set to transform completely from analog to digital, this transition required infrastructure and knowledge to maximize performance and overcome the challenges. Let’s explore which emerging technologies can help you improve processes, increase accuracy, and efficiency to respond to customer demands.

Fireside Chat

Walter Mitchell

TAI Software


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