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Hubtek is a staffing and technology firm formed in 2018 for the freight brokerage/3PL market. Founded by leaders in transportation services, Ricky Gonzalez, and Joel McGinley, a 40-year industry veteran. Hubtek provides a full suite of consulting and growth solutions for transportation and logistics organizations across North America and has evolved to become the premier workforce optimization service provider for logistics companies. Taking advantage of intelligent process automation tools and world class talent, we equip companies with a way to increase workforce satisfaction and give an exponential boost in productivity

We provide an opportunity for medium and small brokers to compete with large, digitized freight companies, giving them access to the technology they need at an affordable cost. Hubtek’s digital worker “TABi” utilizes robotic process automation (RPA), A.I. and machine learning capabilities, all while leveraging 3PL companies existing network and technology. Hubtek also provides labor solutions as well as up-to-date technology tailored precisely to freight brokerage needs providing proper tools to lead workforce transformation into high performing teams.

Hubtek’s program relies on top educated specialists with the ability to fluently communicate in English and Spanish. Hubtek pre-trains the talent selected with top notch industry content relevant to the position, utilizing a highly sophisticated LMS helping 3PL companies build best in class metrics and KPI’s to track and measure the success of every engagement, which is followed proactively by our team of co-managers on the day to day operations of the co-employed team.

Hubtek provides true solutions for freight brokerage businesses through a Holistic approach in 3 strategic segments as well as a combination of them:

1) TABi (Intelligent Process Automation) – a digital worker tailored and pre-trained specifically for the logistics industry. It brings the power of Intelligent Process Automation (RPA + AI) to any Logistics Operation with high levels of speed and accuracy, freeing up human workers from mundane and boring tasks to do more creative and revenue producing activities.

2) Nearshore Talent Solutions – a cost-effective program that allows transportation companies to build a remote team of highly motivated, multilingual and trained people to work in different roles. The most popular positions we provision are: Back-office, Operations, Sales and Marketing and Software Development.

3) Strategy and Planning – through best in class planning tools and our proven record of helping hundreds of different logistics companies for years, we come in as a strategic partner and coach helping boost leadership engagement in key areas of the organization and closely supporting the design and execution of highly successful plans that accelerate growth exponentially.

Beyond strategy and planning that is built on over 40 years of experience in this segment, Hubtek is the first company to offer a new evolution of RPA “RPA + AI= Intelligent Process Automation” to the logistics industry reducing back office costs and increasing productivity.
Top processes Hubtek can intelligently automate:

1) Rate Quoting – TABi can receive, understand, process and respond to Rate Inquiries that come in raw emails, attachments, or tables (RFP/RFQ), based on business logic and algorithms.

2) Load Entry Management – TABi can receive, understand, process and respond to customer’s Shipment Tenders and manipulate data extractions, calculations and data input on TMS, ERP and Load boards.

3) Track and Tracing – TABi can proactively manage Track and Tracing processes, regardless of the mode of transportation, allowing for a better shipper / carrier experience.

4) AP and AR processes – TABi can automate Billing and Payables processes, handling the categorization, separation and extraction of documents, such as carrier invoices, POD’s, lumpers and putting data in the right places, calculating variances and performing settlements, reconciliations or billings based on business guidelines.

Hubtek has developed 3 cognitive models applying A.I, computer vision, OCR, and other methodologies. They power most of the automations of a Logistics Operation, intelligently:

– Understanding Unstructured and Structured Quote Requests and Available Loads coming from shippers/customers.

– Understanding Unstructured and Structured Shipment Tenders coming from shippers/customers.

– Understanding Truck Capacity / Available Trucks coming from Trucking Companies to Logistics Service Providers to enhance their reach and capacity networks, both in Unstructured and Structured formats.

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Strategic Sales Consultant – Subject Matter Expert

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Scott Hadley

Strategic Sales Consultant

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